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Pretty Kitty  - portrays a person’s love for their fur babies. The unconditional love we have for our animals is like no other as is theirs for us.

I Wish  - represents the daydreamer, the night thinker, the creative and the soul shaker.

Free Spirit - is influenced by the ‘60s; the hallucinogenic free love era, where the summers never seemed to end

Pop Art - Vibe’s inspiration came from the ‘80s music scene; Madonna was topping the charts, leg warmers, spandex leggings and rara skirts were hot on the high street. Life was fun and care free.


I have tried carefully to keep the ‘hand drawn’ aspect and to preserve the beautiful fine detailing of my original ink illustration drawings. 



1 x A5 Stamp - Pretty Kitty - 14.2 x 19.3cm

1 x A5 Stamp - I Wish - 13.1 x 16.4cm

1 x A5 Stamp - Free Spirit - 13.5 x 18.7cm

1 x A5 Stamp - Pop Art -13.9 x 19.5cm

• Artist - Erica Palfreyman


"Thank You for Being Such an Important Part of My Story 🤍"

Stampanory Portrait Of Love Stamp Collection - 4 X A5 Stamp Sets

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